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A Typical Club Night

Frequently asked questions


What is the Wednesday Club Night?

This is the main contact meeting, held every Wednesday from 7.30pm onwards, where members socialise and decide on events they wish to attend.  It is usually the first club event attended by prospective club members.


What are the rules of Square One?

Everything is kept as simple as possible so there are few formalities.  The main requirements are to treat your fellow members with consideration and respect.  The most important thing is just to be friendly to the other members at all club events so that everyone feels they belong.  The more we mix and enjoy each other's company, the better it is for everyone.  Remember it is the members who make the club what it is.

How much does it cost?

There is a monthly payment of £3 paid by standing order.


How do I join Square One?

Complete a membership application form and hand it to the club membership secretary.  We usually allow 3 visits or attendance at events from first arriving at the club, before we ask you to become a permanent member.  Of course you can join before your three visits are up and become a member of the club.


How can I help Square One?

The most important thing is to be friendly at all club events so everyone feels included. The more we mix and enjoy each others company the better. 

To assist event organisers please add your name to the event list as soon as possible and let the organiser know if you subsequently cannot attend.  Where money is needed in advance, please pay promptly as events may be cancelled if support is lacking.

Suggestions for events are always welcome and volunteers to organise these events are especially welcome.  Talk to a committee member, who can ensure your event is incorporated into the club programme.  

When you become an established member, you may feel you would like to put something back into the club and ways of doing this include hosting an event and making sure new members are made to feel welcome.  You may also like to join the committee and help with the running of the club.

What if I become part of a couple?

Don't worry, the committee have taken the view that couples can retain membership for as long as they wish. After all they have friends at the club and are part of the scene.  

We hope that couples will respect the sensibilities of unattached members and continue to mix socially at club events.


A Copy of the Constitution can be downloaded HERE


If you have any other questions you can email us at squareone@mail.com